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I am a workplace massage Therapist. I have helped manage our company, Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy, for too long to remember. My focus as a Massage Therapist is pre and post natal massage, pediatric massage, and craniosacral therapy.

I am interested in all things health, from reading about the latest in health studies published in various medical journals to investigating new ways to help foster my own, and others' health and wellness. I belivee that practicing Massage is a great service to your community. Massage Therapists help others. While it is true that, teachers and doctors and nurses and police also provide service to their community in significant, but LMTs help people to deal with their lives by having a greater internal reserve of poise and calm. We have even worked on teachers, doctors, nurses, and police officers. Their feedback lets me know we helped them, in in their own lives, to be able to be their best with everything they're faced with, both at home and on the job.